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Manufacturer of high quality metallised products

Product Design and Development

Tool Making

Injection Moulding

Vacuum Metallising

Our operations have grown to approx. 4,000 square metres of manufacturing and warehousing space operating 21 plastic injection-moulding machines, ranging from 15 to 660 tonne. These high-class machines are computer-controlled and capable of producing thousands of products per day. Injection moulding produces large quantities of identical plastic items, such as toys, ornaments or parts. Our manufacturing operation also runs two vacuum metallising machines.

We use the latest technology, in software and machine components, to deliver finished products with high efficiency. Our processes are clean and safe, thus protecting the environment from harmful pollutants and protecting our staff.

By having all our machines in one central location, we oversee the entire production process of your plastic moulded product, from injection moulding and plastic metallising to efficient packaging and despatch. Therefore, any item you purchase from Zeus Products is guaranteed to be not only be complete and flawless, but also produced in the most cost effective way.

We have over 30 experienced and reliable staff, some who have worked with us for many years. Full time manning of our production line by expert personnel ensures consistent quality control. And our flexible workshop can manage both large and small batch runs economically.


Zeus Products employ computer-aided design professionals to help in contructing your moulding tool requirements. We are skilled in both product and tool desing and development. This means we offer a range of design support services, as well as expert manufacturing to your specifications and exact tolerance requirements.

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